Package 1206 flat (SMD 3216)

  • size: 3.2(L) x 1.6(W) x 1.2(H) mm (footprint 1206)
  • circuit substrate: glass laminated epoxy
  • lead free solderable, soldering pads: gold plated
  • devices are RoHS and REACH conform
  • taped in 8 mm blister tape, cathode to transporting perforation
  • all devices sorted into luminous intensity classes
  • on request sorted in color classes
  • 3,000 pcs / reel in 8mm tape, Reel-size 180mm (Standard)
  • Position in Tape: Tape-up or Tape-down

Produktfinder Package 1206 flat (SMD 3216)

ProduktnameReferenzModifikationSeriesWellenlänge [nm]Leistung [mW]Radiant Intensity [mW/sr]Intensität [mcd]Forward CurrentViewing angle [deg.]DatenblattAnfrage
OLS-137 MSD/MY/EG5253-Chip-LED137624/590/525400/380/66020
OLS-137 HR/MG525/BC470137632/525/470 90/220/8020
OLS-137 955p/800p/660p955/800/6601.30/1.00/0.8050/30/20
OLS-159 HY/HYGbipolar- low current159590/57013/5.0 2140
OLS-159 Y/Gbipolar- low current159590/5720.6/1.22140
OLS-159 MR/Gbipolar- low current159630/572 4.2/0.552140
OLS-159 HR/HYbipolar- low current159632/59010/152140
OLS-159 HR/HYGbipolar- low current159632/5724.0/2.0 2140
OLS-152 GC525bipolar - monocolor15252540020140
OLS-152 PG/PGbipolar - monocolor152562420140
OLS-152 SYG/SYGbipolar - monocolor1525721420140
OLS-152 MY/MYbipolar - monocolor15258940020140
OLS-152 HY/HYbipolar - monocolor15259015020140
OLS-152 Y/Ybipolar - monocolor1525901220140
OLS-152 SUD/SUDbipolar - monocolor15260513020140
OLS-152 HD/HDbipolar - monocolor15261515020140
OLS-152 MD/MDbipolar - monocolor15261570020140
OLS-152 MSD/MSDbipolar - monocolor15262440020140
OLS-152 HSD/HSDbipolar - monocolor15262512020140
OLS-152 SD/SDbipolar - monocolor1526251220140
OLS-152 HR/HRbipolar - monocolor1526328520140
OLS-152 UR/URbipolar - monocolor1526503520140

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