Package Sideled (SMD 3018)

  • size 3.0(L) x 1.8(W) x 1.0(H) mm)
  • circuit substrate: glass laminated epoxy
  • lead free solderable, soldering pads: gold plated
  • devices are REACH and RoHS conform
  • taped in 8 mm blister tape, cathode to transporting perforation
  • all devices sorted into luminous intensity classes
  • on request sorted in color classes

Produktfinder Sideled (SMD 3018)

ProduktnameReferenzModifikationSeriesWellenlänge [nm]Leistung [mW]Forward Current [mA]Radiant Intensity [mW/sr]Intensität [mcd]Viewing angle [deg.]DatenblattAnfrage
OLS-216 BA460low current2164602690
OLS-216 Glow current21657221.290
OLS-216 HYGlow current2165722590
OLS-216 HYlow current21659021590
OLS-216 Ylow current21659020.690
OLS-216 SUDlow current21660521390
OLS-216 HDlow current21661521590
OLS-216 HSDlow current21662521290
OLS-216 SDlow current21662520.690
OLS-216 HRlow current2166322890
OLS-216 URlow current21665023.590
OLS-210 GC5252105252040090
OLS-210 PG21056220490
OLS-210 SYG210572202090
OLS-210 HYG210572205090
OLS-210 MY2105892055090
OLS-210 HY2105902015090
OLS-210 Y210590201290
OLS-210 SUD2106052013090
OLS-210 HD2106152015090
OLS-210 MSD2106242043090
OLS-210 SD210625201290
OLS-210 HR210632208590
OLS-210 UR210650203590
OIS-210 875p210875502.590
OIS-210 1050p2101050502.490

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