SMC (SMD3020)

  • size: 3.0 x 2.0 x 1.0 mm (footprint: 1108)
  • circuit substrate: Al2O3 Ceramics
  • for mid power applications
  • chip materials: AlInGaP; GaAlAs, InGaN, InGaAlN and GaN
  • taped in 8 mm blister tape, cathode to transporting perforation
  • lead free solderable, soldering pads: gold plated
  • RoHS and REACH conform

Produktfinder SMC (SMD3020)

Product nameReferencePackageWavelenght [nm]Intensity [mcd]Radiant Intensity [mW/sr]Viewing angle [deg.]Forward Current [mA]Data sheetShopRequest
OCL-400 OWT400cool white35012020
OCL-400 SW400cool white65012020
OCL-400 SWW400warm white50012020
OCU-400 UB355EOLS-355-3934003550.4512020
OCU-400 UB3654003630.7812020
OCU-400 UE365EOLS-365-393400365412020
OCU-400 UC375400375 2,120
OCU-400 UD380EOLS-380-3934003803.4012020
OCU-400 UE390400390612020
OCU-400 UE400EOLS-400-393400400612020
OCU-400 UE410400410612020
OCU-400 UE415400415612020
OCU-400 UE420EOLS-430-39340042012020
OCL-400 BE460EOLS-450-39340046030012020
OCL-400 GC52540052545012020
OCL-400 GE545 40054590012020
OCL-400 GE565400570118012020
OCL-400 MY40058940012020
OCL-400 MSD40062440012020
OCI-400 1300nEOLS-1300-39340013003.212050
OCI-400 1450nEOLS-1450-39340014502.012050

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