Broad band (conversion) SMD

  • circuit substrate: AlN ceramics
  • high power applications
  • lead free solderable, soldering pads: gold plated
  • RoHS and REACH conform
  • taped in 12 mm blister tape, cathode to transporting perforation
  • all devices sorted into luminous intensity classes

Produktfinder Broad Band (conversion) SMD

Product nameReferenceModificationSeriesWavelenght [nm]Radiant power [mW]Radiant Intensity [mW/sr]Intensity [mcd]Forward Current [mA]Viewing angle [deg.]Data sheetRequest
OCL-480 XE428OCL-480 XE428globe top480360-47011637350150
OCL-440 XE428OCL-440 XE428flat440428110373501200
OCL-450 XE428OCL-450 XE428flat45042811137350120
OCL-450 GIROCL-450 GIRflat450460-100010836350120
OCL-480 GIROCL-480 GIRglobe top480460-100015752350150
OCL-480 XE650BROCL-480 XE650BRglobe top480500-80015750350150
OCL-440 GE545OCL-440 GE545flat44054518860350120
OCL-490-20 GE565OCL-490-20 GE565lens49056250020000035020
OCL-440 GE565OCL-440 GE565flat44057018860350120
OCU-440 YE560OCU-440 YE560flat440573350120
OCL-440 YE593OCL-440 YE593flat44059312540350120
OCL-440 RE650OCL-440 RE650flat4406509430350120
OCL-440 XE650BROCL-440 XE650BRflat4406505618350120
OCL-480 XE428globe top480428 37350120

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